Find Certainty in Uncertainty.

In today's increasingly-paced and radically-changing work landscape, organisations are experiencing more uncertainty than ever before, more rapidly. Involve Me helps organisations reduce and manage complexity, control chaos, and find new ways of working to restore Order through building resilience, adaptability, and reactivity from executive to team levels across all areas of the Knowledge Management Matrix.

Chris is a TEDx speaker, Consultant and Coach who works globally both remotely and in-person on building core agility across businesses to exploit and manage upside potential, disrupt anti-patterns that prevent resilience and the ability to absorb changes, and sustainably understand and apply new, proven work methodologies to create more Value with less Work using a novel, multi-framework learning-by-doing approach.

Having worked with Enterprise companies from Computacentre, to Sungard, international and national SME/SMB/Civil including leading Human Aid organisations, and reactive fast-changing Startups, Chris can help your organisation detect weak signals for emergent changes to support Innovation, Leadership and find new certainty in uncertainty for better contextual outcomes, and is also a Teaching/Learning specialist with experience in global training, storytelling and narratives, engagement and education systems within organisations to promote learning and curiosity.


I had the opportunity to attend a training managed by Christopher Bramley and it was a great experience. He is able to conciliate very high product knowledge with the ability to transfer it to the students in a very effective way. His teaching style is high enjoyable and never boring, keeping the interest of the classroom at the top level even on difficult parts of the training material. I was able to improve also my skill as a trainer (I’m a certified instuctor for Citrix and Datacore), and now I use some tricks I learned from him in my own classrooms.
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