Why Business Efficiency is dependent on learning

Good old-fashioned learning: one of the simplest, yet most complex, things we undertake. We are learning machines, from the moment we awaken through into adulthood; the manner and ease may change, but our learning never ceases to be critical for progress.

Humans adapt and learn quickly at multiple levels, which is one reason we are so successful. But we also have the perhaps unique ability to choose what we wish to learn, detrimentally or not.

This is because we are also creatures of profound habit, and enjoy ease and comfort. Learning is not easy or comfortable. Thus in life – and in business – we eventually end up in ruts that defy logic and impede progress.

Learning helps us develop Best Practices and use what I think of as cognitive common sense – not merely common sense, i.e. the obvious, but something that perhaps becomes obvious when you think about it and apply lateral thinking or logic. There is a constant battle within companies, management, and workforce to balance best practice, cost, return, risk, and many other parameters.