About Involve Me

Involve Me is an independent consultancy specialising in strategic/organisational Agile, Lean, Problem Solving (Cynefin), & Teaching/Learning/Engagement coaching and mentoring.


About Chris

Teaching, Learning, Engagement, & Problem Solving are my Passions. 

Chris is a leading Coach, Consultant and 5-star rated Author with over 22 years of experience in DevOps/defining OpsDev, specialising in Agile, Lean, Training & Learning Patterns (training and mentoring techniques, training trainers, enabling people to learn complex subjects with deep and broad comprehension), Engagement, and Problem Solving (Cynefin framework).

He has many years proven experience internationally and regionally, with a global cross-culture focus from APAC to EMEA as well as the US with companies from Tate Modern and governmental bodies to large providers including IBM, FujitsuSungard, Computacenter, Redcentric, DCG, Wortmann and Globe Telecom to name but a few.

He helps organisations streamline and optimise themselves through connection, communication and ecology to deliver value from Team to Executive level, to create excellent engagement and improve relationships, changing every interaction into both a learning and teaching experience, helping to create learning organisations which can streamline and optimise themselves through connection, communication and ecology.

He is passionate about helping people "learn by doing" to achieve personal growth and fulfil potential while pursuing business benefit.

As an author, he writes technical application books as guides on subjects such as how to Teach and Learn, and also Fantasy and Science Fiction novels.

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I’ve known Chris, and worked with him at EVault (now Carbonite), for close to five years. Having worked with a number of trainers in previous companies I’ve worked for, including a company that had a significant training business (at the time the 2nd largest in the UK for Microsoft), I can safely say that Chris is one of the best instructors I’ve ever encountered. He’s a complete natural, and has a unique approach to delivering training courses that really is a breath of fresh air compared to the text-book “I’m going to run through the manual” or “I’m going to get you the answers for the exam” approach that many other courses follow. His enthusiasm for the product he is teaching , his in-depth knowledge of the product, the rapport he builds with delegates, and the superb feedback he receives from customers and partners who attend his classes says it all. I can’t recommend Chris highly enough!
Martin KyprianidesTechnology EvangelistDruvaUK