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Involve Me is an independent consultancy specialising in a multi-methodology approach to helping organisations and individuals find their own certainty in uncertainty, using a contextual combination of frameworks in a holistic ecosystem including a foundation of teaching how to teach and learn, patterns including enablement, engagement of people and teams cross-culturally/intra-organisationally via ethnography, and retention of applicable knowledge to support understanding of Narrative, serendipity, and interaction. This forms the base for an adaptive, holistic ecosystem of frameworks including Cynefin/Complexity, Agile/Lean, Context-dowsing, strategic paradigms and much more to enhance management, innovation, disruption, value-delivery, collaboration and communication in organisations from start-ups/SMBs to SME/Global Enterprise/Civil clients.

About Chris

For over 42 years, I have been learning how to learn. For half of those, I have been developing a framework to help myself and others reach understanding. Whether transformation is Organisational or Personal, we are all on a journey.

As a global mentor, coach, and consultant, I can look back and see where my path here has led - through 22+ years of OpsDev experience, teaching and advising many from all walks of life from personal to leadership level, and developing a deep underlying comprehension of the teaching and learning patterns which underpin all human interactions, systems, and collaboration, as well as creating and understanding narratives.

We all struggle to understand where we are and how to move forward, especially in the complexity of today's world. My approach to resolving this has emerged as multi-methodology coaching and mentoring to enable others to sustainably discover and learn for themselves. For people, it's usually a paradigm shift that enables decision-making and applicable knowledge; for organisations, it's usually comprehension of how to become more of an adaptive, learning ecosystem whose value streams are made of individual, talented people.

I engage globally on a per-consultation agreed basis as well as speak at meetups and conventions, and also run single classes, workshops, and full courses.  I am deeply passionate about mentoring, teaching and transforming people and organisations through "learning by doing" to achieve growth and fulfil potential.

I take these passions into every area of life and create new narratives; I am a 5* author in Fiction & Fantasy, Learning, and general humour amongst others, as well as a blogger and Tweeter. Other interests include archery, philosophy, truths and patterns, music (play, sing and listen), fitness and exercise training, scuba diving, climbing, gaming, and probably too many other things.

Everything I do, I commit to, with as much understanding as I can. Every day there is new context and new learning to give us more value. I welcome new challenges and organisations to coach.

I went to multiple different free evault training courses, all were presented by Chris. Funny enough, I found these courses far more useful and fun than a lot of other high paid courses. Chris is an excellent trainer and highly skilled professional, and brings this knowledge with a lot of enthusiasm and humor. Always fun to attend his courses!
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