Infographic – 6 Ways the I’s Have It

One way to consider the teaching and learning process, in any form – from a meeting to education to a technical training –  is in the form of six key aspects to any form of teaching or learning:

For Teachers – those trying to impart concepts, skills, and ideas – these are things you should help facilitate or catalyse for learners, but not dictate or force – you are there to open the door for the student, not push them through it!

For Learners – those trying to understand concepts, skills, and ideas – these are things valuable to helping you learn deeply and broadly.

They flow through Connections, Concepts, Concrete Practice, and Conclusions, the 4 C’s of Sharon Bowman’s highly recommended book, Training From The Back Of The Room, and can chart a path from inexperience through to subject evangelism and teaching.

The next blog post will run through some games and exercises to heighten awareness of the I’s.

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