Problem Solving is integral to effective Teaching and Learning patterns. Every company faces challenges of workflow, communication and problem solving. It can be difficult to identify and fix issues internally. This is where a Consultant can enable a company, department, or individual to effectively learn how to discover, label, and resolve these issues going forward.

Consultants teach you how to solve your own problems. 

As a consultant, the primary aim is to provide  processes and procedures and advise a company how to implement efficiency improvements. Your company and staff are capable of exceptional work, but sometimes issues arise that may hinder this and are difficult to identify internally.

It's hard to navigate when you're too close to the Sun.

I offer an outside-the-box fresh outlook on internal issues, combining elements of Agile, Teaching & Learning, and Engaging methodologies - especially to do with information transfer, enablement, engagement and teaching/learning techniques - helping you to improve business, devops, and efficiency, and identify the root cause of operational issues.