For someone to truly learn a subject, they must be interested and inspired.

In the East, Confucius is noted as having said, “Tell me, and I will forget; Show me, and I may remember; Involve me, and I will understand” in ancient China. In the West, Mentor was a trusted and wise advisor in ancient Greece. Both represent a simple and effective teaching technique, yet it is not used enough in the modern world. In business, in school, all too often policy, tools, presentation, or sheer ingrained habit limit learning and dull efficiency; companies and people do not invest the time and passion they should.

What I offer is teaching you teaching with a difference. More than ever before, we are learning new things every day in a world full of information, but it is rarely effective.

  • Why aren’t courses effective?
  • Why do people see them as “boring”, whether it’s company orientation, or IT training?
  • Why don’t students retain information easily? How can you engage the class?
  • How can you effectively teach anything from fire safety or inductions to heavily technical and practical labs?
  • How can you teach and learn to effectively solve problems?

Teaching falls into a number of approaches, with more than one goal. But whether you are speaking at a seminar for general awareness, or mentoring one-on-one for expertise, it can be done more effectively. I teach for Erudition – not just the knowledge but the knowledge and application around it, and how to resolve problems creatively using it both with Best Practice and Heurstics. This is a core concept of teaching people how to teach effectively. Transferring and receiving knowledge are both skills that can be fine-tuned, and must happen in harmony to be effective.

Whether you train intensively in IT, work in HR or at an Executive level, or teach in a school, you can benefit from using these techniques to help people become interested and invested in any subject, to teach them effectively and to solve problems. These concepts apply to any vertical, any industry, and any company. They can be formed to work with any culture.

Mentor students in a relaxed and intuitive fashion, support their strengths, help them strengthen their weaknesses… work with them, inspire them, and involve them… and they will understand.