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I would say Chris Bramley is one of the best instructors I have received training from. He is energetic and has got very good knowledge on the product. His training style is awesome.Ibrahim Bin YousufRedcentric
I´ve never joined such a good training before. Especially the practical training with the labs were perfect.Markus KnaufEBERTLANG Distribution GmbH
The training was exceptional for Implementation Engineers and will be very useful when I need to communicate with these people in my job role. I would like to undergo the same quality of training within a presales environment.Andreas SchipelbaumHammer PLC
Wonderful four days. Intensive but very good. Thank you Chris. Conny LindquistAnzena AB
I just wanted to pass on my thanks for the excellent training last week. Chris was a star, and ensured that I had one of the best training experiences of my ‘lengthy’ career. A very useful and enjoyable course. Andrew LassmanMTI
Overall training was superb. I learn a lot of things not just in evault but also in other aspects. The trainer was entertaining, accommodating and it is obvious that he knows the product very well. And also he gives advise for best practices which is very helpful to us. I just want to inform that the training should have moved to a later date because of 2 things, first the project is not on-going yet and second the trainer got sick and looses his voice on the last day but what i like Chris is that he still able to finish the training and we still learn a way lot more. I hope when we need to learn a new product, Chris will still be our trainor.Jardine Colmenar
S2 Management Solutions
Seagate must ensure they do not lose Chris! They will be the poorer for it.Alasdair McQuire
Mr. Bramley really made me enjoy the training and he left no questions unanswered. An excellent instructor and a powerful product.Vasco OuwerlingSimac ICT
Amazing instructorAlexander CunaMorex AB
Because of the low number of students (3) we were able to do Evault II in 1 day. Chris is an instructor who knows how to "play" his students so they get the best from the courses. There was always time for a question which were promptly answered in detail... In my opinion the courses were time good spent.Rob Sterenborg
Chris Bramley is a credit to Seagate/eVaultJason kemsley
Uptime solutions
Give Chris Bramley a medal!Machiel de Best
Acknowledge B.V.
Chris was absolutely brilliant. Understood my lack in back up/ IT knowledge and catered extremely well for me. Learnt loads from an awesome mentor and can honestly say I enjoyed the course thoroughly. Great Job Chris !! and great job Evault 🙂 Marcello MorettiCharles SQ
Give this guy a stage and a mic.Thijs van den BrinkNetSourcing
Excellent combo of a very fun and relaxed atmosphere, with good explanation and interesting class material. Chris is a very nice guy, good example for other trainersJoeri BokeAvensus
It was the best trainingNeil Angelo MoradoGlobe Telecoms
Great 4 days! Inst(R)ucto(R) = 1337/10Joel MobergExcedo Networks AB
Chris is an asset to your training team.Alex PerkinsEnhanced
Chris is an amazing guy. Please keep your sense of humor, I really liked it.Hans van DijkUNIT4
Trainer a great chap highly recommended.Steve RidgesAdam Continuity
The way Chris is giving training It's a fun and interresting way of learning new stuff. Glenn de BieAcknowledge B.V.
I found the course to be very useful, and found the way that it was delivered to be clear and precise without being too formal.Dan CookBluechip
Really enjoyable and informative course. Really opened my eyes to how powerful a tool EVault really is. Much more informative than I expectedCraig NixonTekkers IT Solutions
Chris manage to loosen up the attendees with great humor and real life eVault scenarios to create a great learning environment 🙂Jens JohnsenBackup112 A.p.S.
Very well run course.Gareth ThorneHarbor Solutions
Overall Good..Keep it up..!!!Preeti JoshiSungard Availability Services
Was a very open and relaxed experience, which improved the experience for me.Dale BissettDCG
Well presented. Ashley Stokes
Well done 🙂Herbert van der MarkSimac ICT
Training was Good. It provides us the depth knowledge of EVault which will help us in business needs.Sheril WadhwaSungard Availability Services
The training was practical and has given me the neccesary knowledge to start administrating evault at our customers.Alex MainSimac ICT
Very informative… a very knowledgeable training. Haya LauronillaS2 Management Solutions
Very good training. Jaap DijkstraPrincipal 1 LTD
Very good trainer! Kept us on track! Good hints!Abel NijdamOrdina
Trainer was great 🙂Ryan BurksfieldIMG
The humor was great!Sjors Groot KormelinkICT Spirit
That was great meeting you in real life Chris and we're lucky to have you in the company François Dewolf GiammatteiEvault
The training was really good. I knew a lot of the basic stuff already since I have been working with EVault for a couple of months but still it was interesting and I learned a lot of new stuff. Next to the EVault stuff it was also good fun.Erik van den BersselaarDPD Nederland B.V.
Overall, very good training!Peter FeigeTechnoSoft Consulting GmbH
Overall, the training was great. Learned a lot even that I am coming in as a network admin. Great job Chris! Kudos!Nico SilvaGlobe Telecoms
Very good training, more then enough hands-on bits to do and good trainer!Armand LankhuijzenDetron ICT
Very good and many thanksAlasdair McQuire
Very Good and useful Training Course Ilias PaidakakosALFAVAD SA
There was a lot of hands on training which was extremely useful and helped understand concepts and processes of Evault.Martin BrooksAdam Continuity
Nice presentation from the instructorMichael ZumaroDCG
Nice guy, Chris. Very clear in explaining the theory and open for answering any questions. Good trainer.Jeroen LeijstenIctivity
Molto bello. Grazie!Antonio StellaDCG
Many thanks Chris!!!! Wim LambeckDetron ICT
Liked his 'side-steps'Jaap KeizerZwartewaterland-Staphorst
It was a very nice training, which a friendly and open catch which makes it easy to follow, and nice to learn.Rob Sterenborg
Acknowledge B.V.
It was a fun course, Thanks Chris!Fabian HofmanClaranet
Instructor was very good in the subject matter.Rosgar P. ApolinarioGlobe Telecoms
I sincerely thank to Chris for this training. It was a nice training, better than others I have had. Rafael Mendez NaranjoGBM
I really like the real-world examples during the training, so keep that up... Great course, thanks Chris!Tom ColenSimac ICT
I really appreciate sharing screens of trainees, good ideaCarbonite
I loved the way training conducted by the trainer without the student guidesMuhammad KashifGBM
I like the trainer, relaxt, flexible, knowledge, and supportive.Cor den BoerUNIT4
I have enjoyed the Training courses and It was very informative. Thanks Chris!Jethro John B. Nicolas
Globe Telecoms
I had a pleasant experience with Chris as a trainer and absolutely learned a lot that I can apply in our own setup.Peter ThijssenUNIT4
I had a lot of fun, thanks for that.Ronald LemenschotBull
Great teacher. Nice training style!Barry van HoutGemeente Oss
Great teacher with great personality. I enjoyed taking his classesAndy DijkgraafAvantage
Great product, brilliant trainer.Alasdair McQuire
Great job, keep it upRob Sterenborg
Acknowledge B.V.
Great guy! Paul WeekersUNIT4
Good training, very useful.Miranda HoopTARQ Information Technology
Good teaching, funny and easy to follow. Smart way of recapping the content and good examples.Johan MolenaarAvantage
Good overall training I enjoyed it. Thnx !Paul VonkIctivity
Good engaging instructor, learnt alot.Matthew OwenAdam Continuity
Good course and Chris (the trainer) was very good and kept it interestingBarry ConnollyAdam Continuity
Good as alwaysHans OrbertAnzena AB
Fun and Excellent trainingRolf TijhuisAvensus
Enjoyed the training very much and it really enhanced my knowledge on evault.Raymond van ValkenhoefNEH ICT Solutions
Enjoyed it, well paced en relevant and structuredJaap DijkstraOrdina
Cool Trainer . . . . Interesting way for training. . Got to read a new book XdWilliam Roy DiquitS2 Management Solutions
Congratulations to Chris for the high degree of readiness and for having been able to clearly and accurately explain all the argumentsMattia Del PuppoSistemi Open
Chris was very good and was very patient when questions were askedCharles OshikoyaCapita Clinical Solutions
Chris was really good in explaining the content and clarifying the doubts in training sessions. During the training we came accross with few errors, he resolved errors and explained very well.Solomonraj AbbaRedcentric
Chris was great, his training techniques and knowledge are just awesome. Solomonraj AbbaRedcentric
Chris was an excellent trainerMichele PalazziAragorn B.V.
Chris was a very kind trainer. He took the time to explain and answered questions short and clearly. Jaap de GoeijAragorn B.V.
Chris made the course simple and easy to understand. We appreciate him physically discussing the course in Philippines, thus it was easier to understand. Whenever there was a technical errors, basically because he was here, troubleshooting was easier. Two thumbs up for him. Well done.Isa BermejoGlobe Telecoms
Chris made learning very interesting which helped retain the information!Kal BhanguTek-nology Solutions Limited
All round very good.Paul KayadoePlusine ICT
Chris is very helpful, We really enjoy the training. Learn a lot of things including the best practice on how the product can be a rolled out correctly to the client. Ferdey BorilloS2 Management Solutions
Chris is very good at putting over the course content in a easy to understand manner. The course pace was very good. Very relaxed but informative. Excellent training styleAlasdair McQuire
Chris did a great job! with his knowledge and his humor it was easy following and teaching was fun again! well done!Ferry van BrinkUNIT4
As someone who came in with zero knowledge of the product it was a great intro to take back into the real world.Andy ParslowWME IMG
All round very good, trainers knowledge was excellent and structure of the course kept my interest.John wilkinsonHammer PLC
A very well presented course. This has prepared me for on boarding and EVault management.Matt HarrisDCG
It was a very nice training, which a friendly and open catch which makes it easy to follow, and nice to learn.Steven van RooijAcknowledge B.V.