Nearly every interaction involves Teaching or Learning patterns - usually both.

I can train you to understand these patterns; to build training that is effective company-wide; how to engage people from Team to Executive in any how to teach, what works, and why it is important. Above all, I can help you be interested, effective, and remember what you have learned.

As a Training mentor I consult on a number of techniques to help people become more effective and stand out from the crowd, knowledge sharing across all verticals and industries cross-culturally throughout Asia, the US, and EMEA.

Both Teaching and Learning should be something that is engaging, inspiring, interesting, memorable, comprehended, and usable – whatever the subject.

In any market, Training in companies is something necessary for business growth and compliance, and something between a chore and a tool for trainees. Unfortunately by treating it as a “check in the box”, companies often have to retrain, and the information is not used effectively.

Training is the best way to engage and inform your employees to be more efficient and knowledgeable, enhancing their own skillset and the company’s ability to operate… or it can be a waste of time and money.

A teacher should not give mere knowledge transfer; they should give insight and inspiration, and the ability to USE that knowledge.

As a teacher/trainer/mentor your job is done if they are engaged, happy, relaxed,  involved, understand the subject as far as the schedule of training and audience composition permits, can use it… and most importantly, retain the information.